This is a subscription based online soroban course.

Within this online course, you will learn how to use the Japanese abacus (Soroban) through the use of videos, quizzes, games, and book based exercises. From time to time, we encourage all users to participate in competitive games where all students studying with The Abacus Club can join. 

The programme aims at:

    • Introducing basic arithmetic calculations using the abacus.
    • Understanding the concepts of place values on the abacus using flash cards and games.
    • Exploring and understanding sums related to number bonds 5 and using this to perform additions and subtractions up to 99.
    • As we incorporate various general maths quizzes (time, date, money, simple multiplications and divisions) within the programme, your child's mathematical understandings of the numbers around him will grow. 
    • Improving general mathematical understanding instead of just concentrating on basic arithmetic skills.  Many of the general quizzes are worded maths problems.

To ensure an effective learning process, it is recommended that you complete one topic per week.  There are 14 topics in total.  Children should be able to complete the course on average within four months if they consistently work through the topics. If you find that you are not able to keep up, you can go through the topics at a slower pace.  The course fee for the 14-week is £35 (inclusive of a book) or £45 if you need a soroban as well. 

You can try out the format of the course by registering yourself and select Online Free Trial Toucan 1 course for a free two-week trial.  Enjoy!