This is a free two-week trial access to enable you to see what you get when you decide to enrol onto the subscription based online learning.

In the online learning platform, you will learn through a combination of quizzes, games and videos.  You will also be directed to complete certain pages of your book on each topic.  You will be able to access up to 3 topics within this trial.

The programme aims:

  • Introducing basic arithmetic calculations using the soroban in the first part of the book.  There will be a high emphasis on understanding the concepts of place values on the soroban using flash cards and games.
  • On the second part of the book, your child will learn to mentally manipulate sums with regards to number bonds 5.  This understanding can be subsequently transferred to manipulating sums around number bonds 50.    
  • By the end of the course, your child will be able to perform additions and subtractions beyond 100 using the soroban focusing on number bonds 5.  
  • Developing general mathematical understanding revolving around time, date, money, simple multiplications and divisions.
If you would like to continue learning, please click on 'Home' and select 'Subscription based Toucan 1 course' to arrange for payments through PayPal.  The Toucan 1 course has 14 topics to complete.  It should take approximately 14 weeks to complete the book.  The fees for the course are £35 (online materials and a book) or £45 if you need a soroban as well.

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