Teach Part 1 is the first part of a two-part teachers training course in order to be able to teach the Japanese abacus (soroban) to children.  The training order has been designed around the use of The Abacus Club books.  There are in total four series books used at The Abacus Club.  The series in order of difficulty are Puffin, Toucan, Peacock, and Flamingo.  Each series consists of three books.

What will I be focusing on?

The focus of this training will be on teaching the Puffin and Toucan books.  Training on the Puffin series will involve understanding the objectives set for different pages of the books and the ability to perform simple soroban practice.  There will be PDF files you can print out to help you teach this series effectively.  Various resources and ideas are included to provide further support. 

On the Toucan series training, you will be shown various soroban practice which you will need to perform smoothly before you can teach on the series.  You will also be required to work through Toucan books' online quizzes in addition to completing book pages so that you gain a good understanding of the objectives of the books.

Students will be exposed to anzan training in Toucan 2.  There will be an increasing proportion of anzan training in Toucan 3.  It is, therefore, paramount that you perform soroban practice often using the correct fingering to ensure successful Anzan acquisition. 

How can I purchase the books to start teaching?

Puffin series books can be purchased independently without any subscriptions attached to it at http://members.theabacusclub.co.uk/buy-puffin-series-books/.  Children concentrate fully on the use of the books.  All you need are ideas of what to focus on in each page of the books.  These are all given within the training.

You will be able to obtain Toucan books through online subscriptions.  Subscription for each of the Toucan books is £35 per child.  Each book will take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete.  Upon subscriptions, you will receive books and access to the online course you have subscribed for.  Discounts on subscription fees will be given when registered children exceeding 4. 

Will there be any agreement to sign to start teaching?

No, there will not be.  The Abacus Club will not be involved in how you deliver your programmes and how much you charge your students.  You will be teaching as an independent teacher.  You can choose to purchase the necessary books/online subscriptions from The Abacus Club to start teaching.  Alternatively, you might choose to use other books of your choice.  

How much does it cost?

The cost for the first part of the teachers training course is £220 (inclusive of delivery charges) which you can pay through PayPal.  An enrollment key to access all Teach Part 1 courses will be emailed to you when the payment is received.  Within the fee, you will receive a soroban, and the complete Puffin and Toucan series books and a well structured training programme to get you started.

How long do I have to complete the courses?

You have access up to 6 months to complete the training.

Please email Nisih Freeman at N.freeman@theabacusclub.co.uk if you have any further queries.