The Abacus Club eClassroom

The Abacus Club eClassroom provides online maths learning by using the Japanese Abacus (also known as the 'Soroban'). You will learn through the use of various engaging maths related activities such as puzzles, games, videos and audio activities.

At The Abacus Club, we believe that every child has the ability to be good at maths.  What your child needs is the right approach and learning environment.  Whether you feel your child needs more of a challenge or you just want your child to feel confident keeping up with their peers, The Abacus Club is results-driven.

There will be more FREE resources uploaded.  In the meantime, If you would like to see the format of the online learning platform, please register and select Online FREE Toucan 1 course  for a two-week access under Free Resources.  You can also learn the soroban remotely by looking through our available courses below within Students' Platform.  Click on the 'i' icon to find out what is being covered within each of our courses.

You can pay for each course through PayPal by clicking on the course.

Latest Updates

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The Abacus Club 2021/22 sessions
by Reema - Friday, 3 December 2021, 2:36 PM
These are 2021-2022 session running dates for Falcons and Zoom Online class. Please note highlighted cells mean no sessions running due to half term or end of term holidays.

Falcons Running dates
Online Running dates
September 2021 to Jun 2022 datesSeptember 2021 to July 2022 dates
107/09/2021Week ...
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Online Classroom Schedule from 24 March 2020
by Nisih - Friday, 3 December 2021, 1:23 PM

Hi All,

Online classes are currently being finalised.  Here is a summary of what it will look like.

If your child falls within the book level, they will be allocated within the time scheduled.

I will send you all the full list later today, 22 March 2020.

Thank you for your support and patience.



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New Abacus Class starting on Friday, 2 Nov 2018
by Nisih - Friday, 3 December 2021, 1:22 PM

New abacus club will be starting this Friday, 2 Nov at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre from 5 to 6pm.  If interested, please call Nisih at 0759-571-7605.

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New Abacus Class on Tuesdays (3 to 4pm) at Falcons Primary School
by Nisih - Friday, 3 December 2021, 1:22 PM

Hi all,

For those who can't make Thursdays or Fridays at Falcons, we have now got a new Tuesday club.  Contact Nisih to enquire further at 0759-571-7605.  Thanks.

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Part-time teaching assistant posts
by Nisih - Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 3:42 PM

We are looking for teaching assistants to help with the running of after school maths clubs using the Japanese abacus in Leicester.  Knowledge of how to use the abacus is not necessary as training will be provided.

Qualification requirement:

NVQ level 3 or above


After school ...

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Come and see us at Falcons Summer Fete
by Nisih - Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 12:24 PM

The Abacus Club will be at Falcons Primary School Summer Fete on Gypsy Lane, Leicester.  Come and check us out.